GIMMEDAT is an all-purpose season salt that started as a harmless tweak to an old reliable family seasoning. While the added heat and tang of the new mixture instantly took hold with the younger generation, the elder statesmen were less receptive. 
But if history teaches us anything (and we controversially argue it does!), the ruling class never seems to understand until it's too late: change will come.
What began as a flash of creativity, simply an idea put to flavor, has moved beyond dirty looks at the dinner table to a full-on movement. And now that movement has a name: GIMMEDAT.
Yes, revolution is in the air Brothers and Sisters. So shed your shame and shuffle from the shadows, it's time for the GIMMEDAT NATION to unite.
The old guard might have a tight grip on the torch of history, but we can boldly say "GIMMEDAT", as we light our own path to a brighter and tastier future.